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Scope of action

The agribusiness encompasses the entire production and supply chain, from the inputs, raw materials and basic services, the logistic process, to the processing industry, in both the internal and external markets. This comprehensive scope requires a multidisciplinary legal approach that offers solutions for the range of issues that affect this sector.

Our practice involves the entire agribusiness industry in the civil, commercial and labor areas (including the purchase and sale of inputs, raw materials and / or commodities, complex issues involving transportation, insurance, storage, and importation and exportation). We also assist clients with credit collection arising from the main commercial titles and instruments in the agribusiness, including judicial recovery and insolvencies.

We have experience in structuring securitization transactions backed by agribusiness securities(such as LCA, CDCA, CPR, CDA/WA) by issuing CRA’s (Certificates of Agribusiness Receivables, debt securities backed by agribusiness credit rights), review and negotiate these documents and other typical agribusiness contracts (rural partnership, leasing, purchase and sale of land, including for foreigners), environmental and regulatory consultation, and exportation and importation.

Our expertise in the agribusiness industry also involves providing legal assistance in all matters related to mergers and acquisitions, corporate issues, succession and tax planning, as well raising project funds.

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