Judicial assets market and legal and economic perspectives for practice

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In an article produced by Decisor Brasil, Fernando Gentil Monteiro and Pedro Vicentini discussed the maturation of the Brazilian market for pricing and purchasing judicial assets. They also addressed the perspectives and advances of the practice.

“This is a very promising area, and will continue to be so, for different reasons. Here in Brazil, we know that there is a very large banking concentration, so there are large financial institutions acting in the credit granting”, comments Fernando.

For Pedro, the judicial assets market always has room to develop, improve and has more predictability: “This also involves institutional and legislative issues; there are no rules specific to this market. In other words, there is room to bring more security, but I think it’s going very well.”

The topic will be addressed in the 5th edition of the Finance and Law Summit Awards (FILASA), an event scheduled for June 18th which rewards the best legal and financial departments in Brazil, in addition to celebrating outstanding financial advisors in the country.

Check out the full interview here (portuguese).